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Book an appointment in ALAMEDA PELUQUEROS, your preferred Kérastase Salon in Madrid for a unique experience including a complimentary hair and scalp diagnosis, a customized hair ritual and a tailored hair and scalp at-home routine using high-performance Kérastase hair and scalp care products.

At ALAMEDA PELUQUEROS, you are invited to live the ultimate hair and scalp experience. Here, your journey will begin with a professional hair diagnosis followed by the adapted custom hair care ritual to treat your hair and scalp. To extend the benefits of your in-salon experience at home, your expert hairdresser will recommend the appropriate at-home routine featuring Kérastase's highest quality hair and scalp care products. Your hair is left visibly healthier and shinier. Visit our salon in Madrid to experience this luxury treat to discover your unique hair transformation.

At ALAMEDA PELUQUEROS, this Kérastase experience is provided to you thanks to our expert hairdressers and hair stylists who will carefuly study your hair and scalp's unique needs to determine the customized ritual to care for your hair. Using their in-depth knowledge and expertise of the hair, your Kérastase hairdresser in Madrid will give you expert tips, tricks and tutorials to better care for your hair and scalp.

Color, highlights, cut or even makeover, our excellent hair stylists will adress your hair and scalp needs and reveal your hair's healthy glow. The Kérastase products used in our salon contain the highest performing active ingredients and innovative formulas to treat the hair in depth with lasting and visible results. ALAMEDA PELUQUEROS in Madrid awaits you for quality services in a luxurious experience.

See you soon in ALAMEDA PELUQUEROS to discover Kérastase products in Madrid.

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C/ Manuel Machado s/n
Frente a Alcampo – MORATALAZ
28030 Madrid

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91 437 66 77

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A Départ

100 kms (env. 25 mins)
  1. Prendre la direction sud-ouest sur Rue Pierre Dupont vers Rue Louise
    100 m
  2. Au rond-point Ront-Point du Luxembourg prendre la 1ere sortie sur Rue Lionel Terray
    2,30 Km
  3. A gauche, prendre la bretelle vers A46/A43/Lyon/Saint-Priest

B C/ Manuel Machado s/n
Frente a Alcampo – MORATALAZ 28030 Madrid